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Electronic Power Quality & Grounding

Electronic Power Quality & Grounding Issues

The challenge faced by various users today is about powering electronic equipment or devices that meets power quality requirements. The increasing use of microelectronics in equipment, controls, and processes also increases the need to consider the power quality of generation and grounding systems. Many equipment are based on electronic processors as more factories become automated and processes become more intensive. The issue of power supply quality issues and earthing of sensitive electronic equipment has been emerging since the last decade. –Omazaki Consultant is a consultant company who provides electronic power quality and grounding disturbance audit and assessment and check compliance of existing electrical and earthing or bonding installation services for sensitive electronic equipment in your commercial and industrial facilities. Please contact us by sending an email to cs@omazaki.co.id or by filling in the form in contact.

This articles will be described mostly based on IEEE Standard 1100-2005 on IEEE Recommended Practice for Powering and Grounding Electronic Equipment.


Power Quality Disturbance

Final objective of powering any electrical load is about matching supply current and voltage to the load requirements. If there is any mismatching and then power quality issues arise. The concept of load and source compatibility is not new. The need to provide power with steady voltage and frequency has been recognized since the inception of the electric utility industry.

If mismatching is exist, it’s meant there is power quality disturbance issue. There will be sources and the victim of the issues. Unfortunately, sensitive electronic equipment could be as a victim and same time as sources of power quality disturbance.

Typical threats to proper operation of electronic devices and systems include:

  • Lightning
  • Switching transients
  • Static electricity
  • Electrical fast transients

As a source of disturbances and poor power quality, the increasingly massive use of electronic equipment in industry is a source of harmonic wave distortion and flicker.


Basic Electrical Installation Issues

According to IEEE 1100-2005, there are several significant problems or issues in installations that supply electrical power to electronic devices, that is:

 - electronic wiring issues - inverter - basic installation of electronic equipment problems - type of electrical installation feeding the electronic devices - PLC - powering electronic equipment problems - cable - SPD -


Earthing or Grounding Issue

Meanwhile, grounding issues or problems related to sensitive electronic equipment include:

 - IEEE 1100 grounding electronic equipment - issues on electronic earthing - Japan - powering and grounding sensitive electronic equipment - PLC - sensitive electronic equipment earthing - IEC - sensitive electronic equipment grounding – significant sensitive electronic equipment grounding problem - most sensitive electronic equipment earthing problem -


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