Fire Protection

Overview of the Fire Protection System

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Fires can have serious consequences. Small flames deemed harmless or undetectable from the beginning can grow out of control within minutes if not put out immediately. When a fire protection system is designed properly, damage and downtime can be greatly reduced. Here, a design planning consultant and contractor for installing a fire protection system can come up with providing solutions for prevention and protection systems against fire hazards. The other country’s most widely adopted standard is the United States fire protection system standard, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Fire protection system consultants and contractors in Indonesia generally also use the NFPA standard as a reference for their works.


Fire Triangle

Fire is a chemical reaction involving rapid oxidation (combustion) of a fuel. There are 3 (three) basic conditions needed for the occurrence of fire, namely the presence of fuel, oxygen, and heat at once.

Fire can only occur when all three of the above elements are present and in the proper conditions and proportions. These three basic conditions are often represented as a Fire Triangle.

The Indonesian Ministry of Labor defines fire as an exothermic oxidation reaction that takes place quickly on fuel accompanied by the appearance of fire or ignition. While the definition of fire in the sense of Insurance in general is something that is truly burned which should not be burned and proven by the presence of a real flame, occur accidentally, suddenly and cause accidents or losses.


Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection systems are designed to fulfill two general requirements: protection of life and protection of property and assets.

There are two types of fire protection systems, Active Fire Protection (AFP) and Passive Fire Protection (PFP). Each system plays specific role in minimizing the impact of fire.

  1. Active Fire Protection
    Active fire protection (AFP) refers to equipment or systems installed to actively detect and/or control a fire when it occurs, for example sprinklers or smoke detectors.
  1. Passive Fire Protection
    Passive fire protection (PFP) enhances certain components of a facilities or building’s structure to limit the spread of fire. PFP systems can be fire-resistance rated walls and doors, fire-resistant glass, cable coating and others.


Focused on Active Fire Protection System

Two of many function of fire protection system are to detect and extinguish a fire.

Fire detection systems are to detect any potential fire occurred. There are many fire detection method such as flame detection, smoke detection, gas detection and heat detection. It is mainly depend on type of fuel and heat sources in certain locations.

Fire extinguishing systems are to suppress the fires. The fire triangle forms the foundation for all methods of fire prevention and firefighting. If one of the sides of the fire triangle is missing, the fire will not start. If one side is removed, the fire will be extinguished.

Active Fire Protection (AFP) system can be manually or automatically.

  • Manual Active Fire Protection
    Manual fire extinguishers require human intervention to control or extinguish a fire, for example through handheld fire extinguishers or fire blankets.
  • Automatic Active Fire Protection
    Refers to systems that automatically detect and suppress fires, such as sprinkler systems and gaseous suppression systems. Sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers help slow the growth of the fire until firefighter have a chance to get to location. Once firefighters arrive, they use fire extinguishers and fire hoses to put out the fire altogether.


Our Fire Protection Systems Solutions

Planning for fire protection systems involves an integrated approach in which system designers need to analyze whole facility components. In most cases, the analysis and design needs to go beyond basic standard requirements and the owner’s minimum legal responsibilities for providing protection.

Omazaki Group as a fire protection systems consultant and contractor can assess, design, procure, and install fire detection and alarm systems, as well as fire fighting system equipment located in BSD Tangerang Selatan, Banten, next to Jakarta as capital city of Indonesia. We ensure that equipment and materials are installed in accordance with applicable legal requirements and appropriate engineering standards.

Regulations and standards we referred
  • National: Kemenaker, Kemen-PU, SNI, PUIL, Perda, PUPI
  • Others: NFPA, ANSI, and ASTM


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