Our Business

A well-visualized business models and regularly reviewed strategic business plans are two guidelines that make us always able to deliver the most effective and efficient technical and engineering solutions to our customers and clients. For your reviews, please download our Company Profile.

Our Business Model –- The Key Points

Value Proposition

  • You will always get more than what we promised and what you paid.

Market Segmentation

  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Commercial and Office Building
  • Coal Mining Industries
  • Large National and International Engineering Consultant
  • Large National and International EPC Provider Company
  • Government

Key Activities

  • Design and engineering process
  • Procurement and installation
  • Services development

Key Resources

  • Experienced and certified project managers, engineers, consultants and trainers

Strategic Business Unit (SBU)
We organize our business activities into 4 (four) strategic business units to manage all our solutions and services. Each SBU is a profit center and led by an individual who is experienced and professional in his fields.

  • Omazaki Design & Build
    This unit is responsible for handling the solution to the Construction Phase of a Project. The scope of solutions ranges from detailed design, project management, procurement, execution, commissioning to handover.

  • Omazaki Consultant
    This SBU handles all solutions and services in the form of studies, reviews, and assessments for any facilities that have passed their construction period. We call this as Post Construction Solutions & Services.

  • Omazaki Training
    This  unit designs, promotes, organizes and develops solutions in the field of Technical and Engineering Training. The format of training offered are in-house, public and customized training

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