Vision, Mission, Culture Values


Well-known as a reputable technical and engineering solutions and services provider company in Indonesia by end of 2024.


  • Satisfied customers
  • Prosperous employees
  • Smile shareholder

Culture Values

This is about our core values in every element of a business process: SIPOC =(S)  Supplier, (I) Input, (P) Process, (O) Output and (C) Customers.

  • Customer’s satisfaction is our blood-life
    All we do is to fulfill our customer’s need and want.

  • Beat yesterday
    Our today’s output must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow has to be better than today.

  • Us before me
    Team work is the way we carry out business processes. The team’s success is above personal success.

  • Own it
    Every person in the organization must put in the shoes of project owner and end-users of the projects.

  • Never too old to learn
    Our past education, training and experiences are valuable resources and input to the company. Yet each of us must be always willing to learn  new knowledge and skills.

  • Fairness
    We are committed to treat our associates and suppliers respectfully and humility. We always strive to have fair business cooperation with them. They are also important elements of our success.

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