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  - who is Omazaki founders? - page who Omazaki is - who we are - yes we are PT. Omazaki Envirokal Prakarsa - who we are a technical and engineering solutions and services providers in Indonesia - so who is Omazaki founder - who are founders of Omazaki Rekayasa Semesta - Company Profile Omazaki - PT. Omazaki Rekayasa Semesta - Jakarta - Omazaki Rekayasa Semesta - Banten - Omazaki Envirokal Prakarsa - 
Omazaki Group is a group of wholly Indonesian owned private companies. Omazaki’s name comes from the name of the founders, Oma Budi and Zaki Siregar. The two founders have for more than 20 years been engaged technical and engineering applications for various business sectors. Now there are 2 (two) companies under Omazaki Group — PT. Omazaki Envirokal Prakarsa and PT. Omazaki Rekayasa Semesta.

We are an independent & professional solutions and services provider in technical & engineering expertise for manufacturing industries, commercial, large consulting firm, national & international EPC company, government, residential & individuals.

Our solutions and services range from study, design, engineering, project execution & management, post-construction consultancy, and training. In short, we provide pre-construction, construction and post-construction services.

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