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Assistance Services in Project Tender Process and Bid Proposal

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Omazaki Engineering is tender and bidding assistance consultant who offers assistance consulting services for tender committee and process, and preparation of bid proposals in Indonesia as well. We are a part that helps you with the technical aspects of a project tender process (the owner’s side or tender committee). Conversely, we can also provide bidding assistance consultant services for bidder when making proposals from the technical aspect (contractor / supplier side) for medium or large scale project tender throughout Indonesia.


Tender Assistance Consultant – For Project Owner

Determining the most competitive, most responsive, and most appropriate bid is a challenging job in a project cycle. You certainly want the project process to run effectively and efficiently in the hands of the right contractor or supplier. However, sometimes you lack competence, not enough time or staff to manage some aspects of the project tender process. You need assistance. We are ready to become a reliable consultant for tender assistance from an engineering aspect. Our team is experienced in assisting the auction process.

We can help you in:
  • Technical Documents Preparation:
    • Work Plan and Terms (Rencana Kerja dan Syarat-syarat – RKS)
    • Tender drawing
    • Detailed explanation of technical requirements
    • Technical specification document
    • Bill of material (BoM)
    • Estimate cost (engineer estimated or owner estimted)
    • Criteria for evaluating bidders
  • Technical presentation and debrief session (aanwijzing)
  • Evaluation of bids from a technical aspect

During the tender process, we will be objective and impartial, open in the process, always upholding the facts of integrity and able to provide independent judgments without prejudice or influence.


Bidding Assistance Consultant – For Bidders

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We provide advisory services for bidding assistance. This services is in the form of assistance in making bid proposals. We help you from the engineering side.

Omazaki Engineering can help you prepare various technical and engineering aspects in the bid proposal ranging from interpreting and analyzing the requirements in tender documents, technical calculations, estimating bid prices, as well as technical presentations in front of the project owner or tender committee.

We are ready to work alongside you to win the tender.


For further explanation or to request a presentation on the tender committee and process assistance consultants services and the assistance of making the bidding project proposal consulting services in Indonesia, please fill out the form in Contact.

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