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Arc Flash Causes Analysis

Arc Flash Causes

In the previous article entitled Arc Flash: Definition, Hazards and Risks have been briefly reviewed understanding, danger and the level of risk associated with arc flash. This article will discuss more in depth the analysis of some common root causes of the arc flash phenomenon.

In brief, the causes of arc flash and common electrical work accidents are:

  • Carelessness
  • Isolation failure
  • Bad or loose connections
  • Poor maintenance of circuit breakers
  • Failure when disconnecting short-circuit (short-circuit)
  • Water or liquid enters into electrical equipment
  • High voltage cable
  • Static electricity or electrostatic
  • Damaged tools and equipment
  • An object or animal accidentally hits or passes over an open conductors

This article will analyze several things which according to facts and data are the most common causes of arc flash.


Carelessness The Most Dominant Cause

Arc flash usually occurs when doing work in a live electrical equipment. Even the senior electric technicians sometimes make unintentional carelessness. For example, technicians working on live electric panels accidentally drop work tools such as insulated screwdrivers or wrenches into bus-bar of the panels. This may cause a short-circuit between the live conductor or between the conductor and the body of panel that connected to the ground. The cause of arcs with hugh energy incidents is when carelessness causes a bolted short-circuit, a condition in which all three conductors in a 3-phase system are accidentally connected.

The video below illustrates the description arc flash cause analysis above:


  • Fail to break short-circuit
  • Water or liquid enters into live electrical equipment
  • Animals are accidentally passing on open conductors
  • Poor equipment especially circuit breaker maintenance


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