Environmental Consultant & Contractor

Running an environmentally friendly business is a form of your contribution to the nature preservation. Making your business environmentally friendly not only benefits the environment but can also save your money. Omazaki Enviro is in this field —the Environmental. As one of the SBU at Omazaki Group, Omazaki Enviro is one of  environmental project consultants and also an environment project contractors. Regarding environmental projects, our team is very experienced. We will be a long-term strategic partner helping your business organization to be friendly and environmentally compliant. Yes, as an environmental consultant and/or an environment project contractor who provides environment engineering consulting services.


Environmental Solutions and Services

Broadly speaking, the Environmental Team can work on 3 (three) types of environmental services and solutions. The service can be as an environmental consultant or contractor, even carrying out the functions of an environment consultant and contractor at same time (EPCC – engineering procurement construction and commissioning). Please click the link below to get a detailed explanation of each.


The proposal or employment of environmental consulting services (consultants) or environment contractors services in Indonesia that we serve the majority refer to:

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