WWTP Contractor and Designer

Omazaki Enviro is a wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) systems contractor and consultant company. We are to design, procure, install machines and all equipment supporting of WWTP construction systems. Wastewater treatment plants construction consultant and contractor services from Omazaki Enviro extend to various sectors, such as medical (hospitals, health centers, clinics), industry (heavy, light, manufacturing, processing of farm products), hotels, shopping centers and other sectors .

We are flexible. We can act as WWTP designer only, or as WWTP contractor who only need to carry out existing engineering plans, even as WWTP consultant and WWTP contractors at one contract (design and build services)


Pre-Engineered Wastewater Plant Solutions

What is this? This is a waste water treatment plants solution created by synergy between Omazaki Group engineers. The WWTP solution has been designed and drawn beforehand (pre-engineered). The customer only has to choose the WWTP capacity and features as desired, then we fabricate and then install the system. This system solution is very suitable for the needs of the Puskesmas, the small clinic or the slaughterhouse, as well as the micro industries. The model can be stationary or portable. The choice of capacity is also varied.


Our Services Application Sectors

Omazaki Enviro handles application WWTP consultant and WWTPs contractor construction services to:

  • WWTP Hospital
  • WWTP Puskesmas
  • WWTP Medical Clinic
  • Industrial WWTP
  • Domestic WWTP
  • Communal WWTP
  • Urban WWTP
  • WWTP Shopping Center
  • WWTP Apartments & Hotels
  • WWTP Education Building
  • WWTP Office
  • WWTP of Slaughterhouse
  • WWTP for Processed Agricultural Products

In every execution of consultant and contracting services for WWTP, all work related to WWTP that we are offered always refers to the regulations and regulations issued by Ministry of Environment of Republik Indonesia.


Scope of Works WWTP Consultant and Contractor

Design Basis and Detailed Design

In this case, Omazaki Enviro has a role as WWTP consultant who provides consultancy services. WWTP consultant services include:

  • WWTP location survey and assessment
  • Discussion about WWTP capacity
  • Determine the requirements for quality and quantity of water to be produced
  • Process Layout & Flow Chart of the system
  • Define the standards and specifications of the equipment that will be used in the WWTP process:
    • Pre-treatment Phase
    • Primary Treatment
    • Secondary Treatment
    • Sludge Treatment
  • Define specifications of all supporting systems and equipment of the WWTP
  • Shop-drawing architectural, structure and civil
  • Shop Drwaing mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation
  • Bill of materials (BoM)
  • Cost estimation


Procurement & Installation

The work in this phase is as a WWTP contractor. As a WWTP contractor, we provide services construction in the form of:

  • Materials supply
  • Material and civil works (foundation, WWTP pump house, etc.)
  • Mechanical, electrical, control-instrumentation installation
  • Testing, commissioning and start-up
    • Verification and initial testing of the WWTP systems
    • Laboratory testing of output water
    • Start-up then handover


Other Services

Others that included in WWTP contractor services and WWTP designing services:

  • Project documents (as-built drawing, data-sheet, etc)
  • Legal permit from the authority
  • Personnel hands-on training
  • Troubleshooting assistance


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